No. KPT: KPT/JPS  (R3/145/4/0021)(02/29)(A7716)

Diploma in Teaching English As a Second Language (TESL)


  • The Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language provides a professional qualification for those who seek to teach English, particularly in primary schools. It is designed to provide students with a strong fundamental knowledge of the English language and the teaching of English as a second language. Students are trained to possess a strong command of the English language and the competency to teach English confidently as well as the skills to create a conducive teaching and learning environment for learners.

  • Graduates of this programme will have an understanding of the history, philosophy, systems, practices and challenges of educational development particularly in the teaching of English as a second language. The importance of the programme is emphasized by comprehensive course syllabi, ranging from linguistic content to the pedagogical aspects of it. The programme is also committed to equip students with professional attitudes, good ethics and leadership qualities and provide students with an educational experience that motivates them to pursue life-long learning.

Minimum Requirement

Other Information

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding in the use of English language and the teaching and learning of ESL.
  • Design, implement and evaluate the teaching-learning process in the ESL classroom.
  • Apply effective guidance and suitable interaction strategies to foster character building and support social responsibility.
  • Practise professionalism and high ethical values in teaching-learning process in the ESL classroom.
  • Demonstrate competency in communication, portray leadership qualities and employ team dynamics.
  • Apply higher order thinking skills in educational settings.
  • Apply ICT skills in the English Language teaching and learning and pursue life-long learning to meet global challenges.
  • Exhibit managerial and entrepreneurial skills related to current issues and trends for social and community service
  • Educator at the primary level of education institutions such as kindergarten and primary schools
  • Editor
  • Interpreter/translator
  • Journalist/ broadcaster
  • Customer service representative


Mohd Naqib bin Abdul Latif

Program Coordinator for Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language




  • MPU3113 Hubungan Etnik
  • MPU3123 TITAS
    MPU3212 Bahasa Kebangsaan A
  • MPU3222 Social Work Skills
  • MPU3232 Kemahiran Al-Quran
  • MPU3312 Dakwah Islam Di Malaysia
  • MPU3322 Malaysian Legal System
  • MPU3412 Sport
  • MPU3422 Event Management
  • MPU3432 Uniform Force
  • MPU3442 Martial Art
  • MPU2452 Community Service



  • ZES1233 Technical English 1
  • ZES1243 Technical English 2
  • ZLU1212 Japanese
  • ZLU1222 Mandarin
  • ZLU1232 Arabic



  • ELD1143 Philosophy of Education in Malaysia ELD1233 Psychology in Education
    ELD1243 Oral Communication Skills
    ELD2133 History of Education
  • ELD2323 Sociology of Education
  • ELD2313 Comparative, Global & International Education
  • ELD1113 Grammar I
  • ELD1213 Grammar II
  • ELD1123 Writing Skills
  • ELD1133 Language Skills I
  • ELD1223 Language Skills II
  • ELD1253 Second Language Learning and Teaching
  • ELD2113 Introduction to Literature in English
  • ELD2153 Teaching of Writing
  • ELD1153 Linguistics
  • ELD2213 Materials Development and Adaptation
  • ELD2123 Approaches and Methods in TESL
  • ELD2223 Teaching of Grammar
  • ELD2143 Teaching of Reading
  • ELD2243 Teaching Literature In ESL Classroom ELD1313 Language Test in School
  • ELD2233 Teaching of Listening and Speaking
  • ELD1323 Teaching Techniques in the Classroom
  • ELD3118 Teaching Practice