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PhD in Education

The main objective of this programme to produce postgraduates who are trained and capable of applying their skills and knowledge of educationin general and specifically to their occupational roles as academicians, researchers, consultants, administrators, managers, and trainers among others in public or private academic institutions or sectors. Hence, this programme will emphasize both theories and application of skills to ensure that these graduates are competent and able to compete with others and enable them to contribute to the needs of the academic institutions and industries either locally or internationally. The post-graduates’ produce would excel and competent in the field of research, teaching and managing in the social sciences area. Apart from obtaining vast knowledge in common areas, this programme provides graduate students in-depth knowledge in specific areas through quality courses, exposure to educational issues and intellectual discourses such as symposiums, seminars and conferences.

  • Apply the research knowledge and skills learned to various tasks and situations.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive-knowledge of the field of study and be informed of the latest developments and trends.
  • Integrate core knowledge in the planning, preparation and implementation of research results.
  • Plan effective research strategies to increase potential for revenue enhancement to build solid foundation for future growths
  • Demonstrate innovative and productive management skills in handling responsibilities, problems and tasks.
  • Display capabilities as a researcher with the ability in academic writing, practicum and verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Perform tasks as an individual, a team member and a member of education institutions in the plural society effectively.
  • Practice life-long learning in order to face global challenges.
  • Apply professional and ethical values in the daily undertaking of tasks and responsibilities.

Provide students with useful research knowledge in the areas of education so that they can keep abreast with the current thinking in the field.

equip students with corpus of current and researchable education issues.

orientate students with knowledge and experience in performing research related tasks such as applying appropriate presentation skills and referencing.

equip with communication and management skills.

equip students with critical, creative, innovative and productive skills in managing social issues through research activities.

provide students with various knowledge, skills and motivation to be managers, researchers and educators.

develop students professional attributes, ethics and quality leadership.

promote understanding of the diversity of races, cultures and beliefs among students.

provide students with educational experience so as to encourage life-long learning and research.

A Master Degree from UNISEL or equivalent in relevant discipline.


Total 16,200

(RM 2,700 x 6 semesters)



(RM4,400 x 6 semesters)

    Graduates with the degree PhD in Education can find employment in government and private sectors. Many graduates work as administrators or executives or entrepreneurs in educational fields and also industries. Some candidates become consultants, researchers and planners in higher education. The candidates will be able to obtain employment in the following capacity:

  • Academia
  • Research & Development
  • Higher Educational Institutions

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