Industrial Psychology

Angela Chan Nguk Fong
Head of Programme for Industrial Psychology
My areas of interest are resilience, life satisfaction, Quality of Life and cultural studies.

Dr Hamdan Dato’ Mohd Salleh
Senior Lecturer
A Master Trainer specializing in Revolutional; Inspirational Training. The focus of my training is based on the world renowned Napoleon Hill’s inspired Vision Into Self Improvement (V.I.S.I) training where I am one of the master trainers. Dr Hamdan is currently the Dean of Centre for Development and Foundation Studies in Unisel.

Norsila binti Shamsuddin
Deputy Dean / Senior Lecturer

Affezah Ali

Amiraa binti Ali Mansor

Tuan Haji Othman Badrishah
My interest is in training and development. Giving training to employees/individual by providing them with knowledge and skills needed to perform a particular task for present and future.

Afiq Azri bin Mohd Ghani
I am a trained psychologist in the field of industrial and organisational, interested in topics that are related to stress, burnout and other related topics. Feel free to contact me if there’s anything.