prof zaidi
Prof Dr. Mohd Zaidi bin Hj. Hajazi
Dean of Faculty of Education and Social Science


I am delighted to welcome you to our website and invite you to explore the wealth of information that we have made available. Whether you are already a part of the FESS community, in the planning of joining us or a member of the public, interested in discovering what we are all about, this website has been created with the purpose of serving as a reliable source of information for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral education at FESS.

The role of the faculty is to support students in pursuit of personal, professional and academic experience. Other responsibilties include a transparent, consistent and equitable administration of programmes and awards, evaluation and quality assurance of programmes, and the provision of outstanding opportunities for professional development of students and faculty in their respective role.


Why choose us?

  • One of the biggest faculties in UNISEL.
  • Repective and well known educators.