• Overview

    In the new millennium, the whole world is moving inexorably into information technology and the K-economy. English has thus become the main language of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) world. In the era of globalisation and cyber technology, it is essential that students today are fluent in English to enable them to fit into the new economy. They need to communicate effectively and intelligibly in seeking greater advancement in the field of Science and Technology.

  • Outcomes

    Teachers to be well trained to prepare students with a good command of the language. Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) sees education as an industry and it recognises the importance of English as the language of international communication. Not only has it made English a compulsory subject for all undergraduates, it has also designed the Bachelor of Education (TESL) programme in order to play its role in preparing teachers or instructors of English for both the public or private sectors in Malaysia.

  • Program Description

    Industrial Psychology studies human behaviour at the workplace in various working environment. Among the areas of focus for this degree program includes employment decision making, employee assessment, training needs analysis, group work dynamic, organizational crisis management, and work psychology, leadership and motivation, among others. For this program, students will graduate with a degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and minoring in Human Resource and Management. A degree in Industrial Psychology will allow graduates to understand how organizational dynamics and environmental influences affect the efficiency, productivity, success and overall performance of any given organization

  • Program Content

    University Compulsory Subject

    ZES 1133 Technical English 1
    ZES 2143 Technical English 2
    ZLU 1212 Japanese 1
    ZLU 1222 Mandarin 1
    ZLU 1232 Arabic 1
    ZLU 1242 French 1

    MQA Compulsory Subject

    MPU 3113 Hubungan Etnik
    MPU 3123 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
    MPU 3143 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
    MPU 3173 Pengajian Malaysia 3
    MPU 3222 Social Work Skills
    MPU 3232 Pengajian Al-Quran 2
    MPU 3313 Dakwah Islam di Malaysia
    MPU 3322 Introduction to Malaysian Legal System
    MPU 3332 Comparative Religion in Malaysia
    MPU 3412 Sport
    MPU 3422 Event Management
    MPU 3432 Uniform Force
    MPU 3442 Martial Art
    MPU 3452 Community Service
    ZEU 1163 Language Learning Strategies and Study Skills

    Education Foundation

    CPS 1113 Philosophy and Development in Malaysian Education Industry
    CPS XXXX History of Education
    CPS XXXX Global, Comparative and International Education
    CPS 2213 Educational Psychology
    CPS 2313 Educational Sociology
    CPS 3113 Educational Administration
    CPS 1213 Computer and Technology in Education
    CPS 2113 Teaching Techniques and Education Management
    CPS 3123 Educational Research Methodology

    Professional Practice

    CPS 3216 Teaching Practicum
    CES 3213 Term Paper / Research Project

    Discipline Core (School Subject Content)

    CES 1123 Introduction to General Linguistics
    CES 2113 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
    CES 2213 Introduction to Psycholinguistics
    CES 1133 English Grammar
    CES 1213 TESL Methodology
    CES 1223 Principles of Second Language Learning and Teaching
    CES 1233 English Syntax and Morphology
    CES 2133 English Phonetics and Phonology
    CES 2143 Teaching of English Grammar
    CES 3133 Teaching of Writing Skills
    CES 3143 Teaching Literature in ESL
    CES 2233 Teaching of English for Specific Purposes
    CES 2243 Teaching of Aural-Oral Skills
    CES 2313 Teaching of Reading Skills
    CES 3113 ESL Testing and Evaluation

    Elective (Related to Discipline Core)

    CES 3123 Material Selection and Adaptation
    CES 2223 Academic Writing Skills
    CES 1343 Speech and Communication
    CES 1353 A Survey of Prose Forms and Poetry
    CES 2153 Reading for Academic Purposes

    Elective (Open)

    CLS 1323 Creative Writing Skills
    CLS 2113 Malaysian Literature
    CLS 2123 Remedial Language Teaching
    CLS 2133 Literacy Appreciation

  • Entry Requirement

    i. Passed UNISEL’s Foundation for B. Ed. TESL programme with good grades (CGPA 2.00 above) OR

    ii. Passed UNISEL’s Diploma TESL programme with good grades (CGPA 2.00 above OR

    iii. Passed STPM/ A-levels/ Matriculation/ Diploma or equivalent with at least  two (2) Principals / CGPA of 2.00 above, AND passed the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) with at  least a band score of 4.

    iv. Possess the Malaysian Teaching Certificate/ Diploma in Teaching or Diploma in Education (English or TESL option) with  CGPA 2.00 above.

    Teachers, who are non-English optionists but possess at least 3 years experience in teaching English, will be considered.

    In-service teachers who fulfil the necessary requirements should obtain approval from the State Education Office/ Ministry of Education for approval to be full-time/ part-time students.

  • Fees

    (excluded hostel fees)

  • Career Prospect

    Government teachers/ educators (application must be sent in to the Education Ministry and is subject to vacancy of position), lecturers at private higher learning institutions/ private school  teachers, journalists, Public Relations Officers, Human Resource Officers or any other positions in the banking industry, hotels, news agencies and many more.

  • Head of Programme


    Head of Programme
    Bachelor of Education (Hons) Teaching English as a Second Language

  • MQA Certificate of Accreditation

  • Downloads

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